Kiril Ivanov Underwater Video

  • 2009, August - Altay republic. Filming the nature of Altay State Nature Reserve for Ministry of Nature Resources.

  • 2009, April - Lake Baikal. Filming of baikal seals on and under the ice of the lake.

  • 2008, September - October  Russian Geographical Society to Novaya Zemlya. Under water filming in Kara Sea.

  • 2008, May - June -  Underwater filming of "Siberia" series for documentary "Nature of Russia", NDR Naturfilm, Germany. UW cameraman Florian Grainer, series producer Henry Mix.

  • 2008, March - Filming of the auto travel of Steven Weinberg on the ice of Baikal on his car Renault У4CVФ. Ulan-Ude - Ust-Bargusin - Severobaikalsk and back.

  • 2007, August Ц Filming of the documentary "Here the Sculpin Swims", Media-Project, Russia. UW cameramen Kiril Ivanov.

  • 2007, June - Baikal Museum project "Virtual Video Exhibition "BATHYSCAPHE".

  • 2006, September - Filming trip to Tuva Country.  

  • 2006, March - Ice trip to Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal. Filming of "The Small Sea-Big Ice". Director and cameraman Kiril Ivanov.

  • 2005, December - Winter boat trip on Lake Baikal. Filming of "The Sea Vacations". Cameraman Kiril ivanov.

  • 2004, March-April - Lake Baikal. Under ice diving. Work with BBC. Filming of "The Planet Earth" series.  UW cameraman  Didier Noirot, producer Mark Brownlow.

  • 2002, August - Filming of "Unusual Divng Trip". Director and cameraman Kiril Ivanov.

  • 2000, September - October - Travel to USA and Canada around Lake Superior. Filmig of "Land of Fennimore Cooper". Director and cameraman Kiril Ivanov. 

  • 1999, July - Work in "Unison World Heritage" project. TBS, Japan. Producer Narico Izawa.   

  • 1998, May-June - Filming of "Freshwaters" series for Wild Asia Project of NHTV New Zealand, UW cameraman Andrew Penniket, Top side cameraman Paul Donnovan.

  • 1997, July  Ц Filming trip on Baikal with Brazilian crew "Dive Adventures". Filming of "Summer at the Icy Lake". Canal Azul, Brazilia. UW cameraman Lawrence Wahba. 

  • 1996, April, June-July and 1997, March - Work with Cousteau Society. Filming of "Baikal. Beneath The Mirror". France. UW cameraman  Didier Noirot, top side cameraman Johan Jackson.




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